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Small works of art on rescued scraps of wood.

How to Fill a Pot

Lets collaborate!  

Fill My Pot

Here's how:

  1. Email your mailing address to:

  2. I will mail you two cards, each with a hand painted pot. (Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.)

  3. You fill both pots. You may use any media, objects or subject matter you like to #fillmypot. The only rule is that the size of the card must stay the same (3x5). Have fun and get creative!

  4. One pot is for you, the second gets returned to me using the self addressed envelope I include. (If you only need one pot please make note in your email.)

 I will feature you on the Fill My Pot page as well as on my Instagram account using hashtag #fillmypot.  

Special thanks to Craig Pringle for using me as his guinea pig for the filming of this video. (Lets pretend I say "cacti" instead of cactus!)    

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