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A collaboration with other artists

Fill My Pot

This collaboration was born after I realized I enjoy decorating the little pots I paint, even more than painting the plants them selves! 

Meet our featured artists:

Sari Philipps


Tempe, AZ

Sari is our first returning artist from our first round of #fillmypot . In that time she has grown, and not just artistically! She shared with me that she has used art to help her on her journey. Something I can certainly relate to! Here, Sari has cleverly turned the pot upside down and placed it atop the cutest zombie I believe I’ve ever seen!


Shelby Moran

Lake in the Hills, IL

Shelby has collaged her little heart out to create this one of a kind piece using a nice mix of text and printed plants. The contrast of the organic shape of the leaves contrasting with the geometric feeling of the collaged text is wonderful! Shelby is a busy mom with an eye for design and fashion. You can find her on Instagram here.

Gabriel Chavez

Tempe, AZ

It seems that Gabe has been around since the start of ReGrain Studio just being a super supportive fan and collector.  (Thank you Gabe!)  When he told me that he wanted to participate in Fill My Pot, I was excited to see what he would send.  What a nice piece of work using collage technique in a beautifully graphic way!  


Laura Mallia

Baldivis, WA, Australia

Laura of @lamallia is by far one of my favoring illustration artists on Instagram.  Her creations are detailed, unique and very thoughtful.  Here, an octopus has filled this pot in a fantasy-like manner.  Go see what other surprises she has!  


Nicholle Madden-Adler

Scottsdale, AZ

Nicholle claims her self to be "a little crafty and a little crunchy".  She certainly dabbles in a bit of everything and I love her treatment of the pot!  Teeny tiny knots and weaving embellish this pot with contains some stag-horn cacti.  See what else she has been up to @momhatandmargaritas on Instagram.  


Najada Phoenix

Sweiqi, Malta

Najada Is, up to this point our most long-distance Artist!  She hails from Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea. (I'm not going to lie, I had to google it!)  Najada specializes in work containing buttons which she has expertly chosen for this fill-my-pot collaboration.  Go  see her cheery work on Instagram @naptimebuttons.

Abigale Mc Murray

Somerville, MA

Abigail is our only collaborating artist whom has participated twice!  Her amazing paper-working skills never fail to be fantastic!  Find more of her work on Instagram.  

Lindsay Dubois

Carbondale, IL

As you can see HERE, Lindsay is a very talented calligraphy and watercolor artist.  Her lovely plant is simple and to the point! (And just happens to look like a plant I have already!)   

Sarah Pakay

Rahway, NJ

Sarah, a Graphic Designer, created some forget-me-nots and marigolds inspired by lyrics from Motion City Soundtrack.  The amount of detail in her flowers and table are topnotch!  I had fun shooting her piece as it matched the setting so well.  See more of her work and beautiful pet photos here: @sarahpakay.  

Allison Estergard

Palmer, AK

This artist has a beautiful knack for painting glaciers.  She might know a thing or two about them, she hails from Alaska!  I can't tell you how much I admire her technique of expertly painting a range of values of blue in order to achieve this effect.  I highly recommend you take a look at her collection of work, it is wonderful!  Find her here: @alestergard.  

Image courtesy of Allison Estergard

Image courtesy of Allison Estergard

Daniela Torres

Mission, TX

These wee little flowers are just asking to be touched!  Embroydery is not something I have patience for.  Luckily, others including this artist does!   Daniela specializes in tiny little pendants which are hand embroidered.  She sells them on etsy- see more here: @cincowildflowers 

Christopher Wilson

Columbus, OH

I started following Chris on Instagram because he posts shots of these awesome little portraits he does around town (town meaning Columbus roots!) .  I was happy when he told me he wanted to participate and couldn't wait to see what he came up with!  Check out his jungle lady with the coolest hair-do I've seen in a while!  Then, go see his portraits over at @cwilz305

Madalyn Nault

Phoenix, AZ

I've you've ever met Madalyn, you know how friendly and upbeat she is.  This piece fits her personality quite well and shows her excellent craftsmanship using vegan friendly leather.    (Look at that hand stitching and use of brads!)  Her trade is making vegan-friendly clutches.  They are a big hit around here, catch a glimpse jon instagram: @madalynnaultaccessories

Abigail McMurray

Somerville, MA

Abigail is a paper-crafting extraordinaire!  She has hand cut and tied each leaf to a teeny tiny string!  I can't imagine the time this took her.  Also, a sweet little surprise was included in her package....YAY!  It was perfect tinning, as I received this on the last day of school!   Find her paper creations here: @yeioupaperobjects. 

Cynthia Souder

Seattle, WA

This lovely plant has great pattern and texture!.  Cynthia dabbles in watercolor as well as hand lettering. You can find her here: @pearlsandicicles  

Jennifer Lind Schutsky

Phoenix, AZ

These pots have been filled with beautiful plants created from Henna!  A first around here! The gold paint is lovely in the light.  Jennifer is a talented photographer and Henna artist.  Find more of here work here:  @jenniferlindschutsky. 

fill my pot
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lind Schutsky

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lind Schutsky

April Howland

Phoenix, AZ

April usually spends her time painting large beautiful animals. For today, this clever gal has filled my pot with some bubbly!   She is a close artsy neighbor-friend and knows that we share more than one hobby!  Go see her fantastic work at  or follow her on Instagram at @howland_studios.

Alyssa Albertone

Phoenix, AZ

This little pot has been transformed into a coffee mug!  Alyssa has also put her beautiful hand lettering skills to work! Find her personal account here: @alyssa.albertone  or hand lettering here: @amarielettering   

Ana Fischer

Gilbert, AZ

Ana has a great view for flower and fauna.   Go check her beautiful photos of various vegetation at: @Alfjn316.  

She has chosen to filter pot with a sweet little song bird in colored pencil.  

LaurieAnne Gonzalez

Phoenix, AZ

LaurieAnne is the first to return to me a set of double pots!  Double the beautiful texture and variation of watercolor touches!  You can find her at @laurieannart.  Her delicate paintings are not to be missed!  

photo cred:  @laurieanneart

photo cred: @laurieanneart

potted plants

Aubrey Allison

Houston, TX

Here we have a sweet little fairy garden created by Aubrey Allison.  Go check her Instagram page @blossomsandbillows to see her lovely hand lettering and illustrations!  

Sari Philipps

Tempe, AZ

Sari has a unique way to look at life!  Check out her Instagram: @sariphilipps .  Her pot has been filled with a cactus made of darling stitches.  The texture of the stitches echo the spikes this plant is known for!  Very clever and unique!

Kristen Crumbly

Wilmington, NC

Kristen has filled my pot with wool blend felted flowers!  Get a load of this load of cuteness all packed together in one spot!!  Kristen is a busy lady!  You can find her custom batik children's clothing here.  Or, check out her wonderful felt work on Face Book here.  She's on Instagram @wayifelt.

felt flowers

Alyssa Campbell

Orlando, FL

Alyssa's delicate mix of mushrooms and greens have taken my heart!  Her removal of the negative space adds a beautiful unexpected contrast! Go check out what else Alyssa makes (everything from woodturning to cookies and watercolor!)  She even surprised me with some hand-made felted strawberry patches!  Lots of talent over at @alyssamakesomething.  


Claire Barrett

Locust, NJ

This playful use of color and shape has really made me smile!  Claire has used a bit of mixed media with some fun metallic paper!  See her planning sketch too! You can find her over on Instagram at : @clairebarrett

Photo credit: Claire Barrett

Photo credit: Claire Barrett

Angela Coppola

Phoenix, AZ

Angela is a very talented watercolor artist with loads of creative and beautiful ideas.  A local to Phoenix, for this piece, she has been drawn to the southwest creatures here in AZ.  Go see her work for other interesting and wonderfully composed paintings:  @freckledcanvas

Image courtesy of Angela Coppola

Image courtesy of Angela Coppola

Chelsey Mertz

Benld, IN

Chelsey from @nova_woods uses nature to inspire her jewelry and artwork.  Most notable (to me anyhow!) is her use of teeny little slices of wood! Her work can be purchased on etsy as well and seen on instagram. Lovely work from a lovely lady!  



Aaron Thomason

Phoenix, AZ

Aaron is quite the clever illustrator!  His poor plant has had a run-in with a baseball.  See more of his illustrations on IG @aaron_t.  He also creates wonderful  journals and sketch books from up-cycled craft beer boxes.  See them at @threesheetsbooks.  



Leigh Anna Newell

Wetumpka, AL

Leigh Anna is an excellent artist in miniature!  Look closely at her teeny tiny ID tag in her succulent!  Even her handwriting is little and neat!   See more of her itty bitty work in her feed at: @leighannanewell


Nikki Guthrie

Tempe,  AZ

Nikki has a unique way to up cycle newspaper!   Check out her Instagram feed over at @thefreckeledpearl to see lots more hand-painted foliage and beautiful hand-lettering.  

photo cred: Nikki Guthrie

photo cred: Nikki Guthrie

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